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10 REASONS TO VISIT COLOMBIA of Caribe by Faranda Grand Hotel

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January 15 2020
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There are not enough words to name all the reasons to visit a country like Colombia. However, in this post I have managed to summarize the 10 main reasons to visit this amazing country, Colombia. In short, it is a country that has EVERYTHING. You will be surprised with its richness in cultural, gastronomic, historical and natural. It is a country that will captivate you and for sure you will end up falling in love with it.
Colombia is magical realism, it is passion, it is joy!
1. Its people: Colombians are characterized by being friendly, cheerful and hardworking. When you arrive you are likely to be greeted with a smile and a hug.
2. Biodiversity: Colombia is one of the richest countries in biological diversity. It is a country where you can find plains, deserts, wetlands, badlands, Andean slopes and rainforests.
3. Festivals and Fairs: Colombians are always ready to celebrate something. From the flower fair in Medellín, to the Barranquilla Carnival.
4. Its history: Colombia is a country with a fascinating history. It is a country that has managed to reinvent itself and become a place worth visiting.
5. The Caribbean: Colombia has more than 300 beaches distributed in Cartagena, La Guajira, Santa Marta, San Andrés and Providencia and many more ... The best thing is that it has a sea of ​​7 colors!
6. Coffee: Colombia is recognized worldwide for its exquisite coffee. There is a whole story and process behind each cup.
7. Gastronomy: Colombia has a great gastronomic variety. Each region has its flavor.
8. Culture: Colombia is also a culturally rich country since each region has its own customs and way of being.
9. The weather: In this country there are no seasons, but the weather and temperatures are as diverse as its landscapes.
10. Music: Colombia has countless musical rhythms that will make you move your body.
If you are Colombian and you still don’t know all the regions, it is time to pack your bags and start traveling through this land. And if you are abroad, it is time to make plans for this country that will captivate you, surely you will not want to leave