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Live Valentine's Day in the Caribbean of Caribe by Faranda Grand Hotel

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Live Valentine's Day in the Caribbean

January 20 2020
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February arrives and love also arrives.

The sea breeze, the soft sand and the warm sunlight make the perfect plan to enjoy the Caribbean. This is why Cartagena becomes the favorite destination of lovers on Valentine's Day to spend magical and unforgettable moments. In this beautiful city you will find many things to do with your partner, just imagine walking hand in hand through the streets of downtown or enjoying a delicious drink on the beach ... fantastic, right?

From the Caribe By Faranda Grand Hotel we want to help you live the best moments on this special date, that's why we will show you ideas and advice that will make your stay in Cartagena one of the best experiences as a couple.

Get to know the Historic Center of Cartagena

Knowing the historic center of the corralito de piedra is one of the things that everyone visiting this city should do. And there is no better way to get to know it than in a car ride. Through its streets, you will feel the romanticism and magic that this wonderful place has, which will undoubtedly make a wonderful memory for any couple.

Appreciate the city from the viewpoints of the walls

The sunsets in Cartagena are really magical, they have no comparison. Enjoying with your partner while the sun goes down is one of the moments they will remember the most. Seeing the horizon while the sun falls at the junction of the sky and the sea, make this experience a great plan.

Go out to dance at night

No couple can leave the city without having gone out to dance on the magical night of Cartagena. The taste and joy of the people who live in this city, will make you enjoy music and folklore.

What plans does Hotel Caribe by Faranda Grand offer for a romantic stay on Valentine's Day?

Hotel Caribe By faranda Grand offers you the opportunity to live the best experience on Valentine's Day. There are a thousand ways to live on Valentine's Day, but there is nothing more romantic than living in our hotel near the sea enjoying all the special details we have for you and your partner on this special day as Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day in the Caribbean

Imagine being with your partner in a luxury room with a bed full of rose petals, waking up in the morning and enjoying a delicious breakfast from the comfort of your room, and after this, toast for more moments like that with your partner with a sparkling wine ... all this possible make it happen with us.

‎Romantic night in Cartagena

The nights at the Caribe By Faranda Grand Hotel are the best without a doubt. You will love love in our hotel. You will enjoy a room with a special atmosphere for you and your partner, and what a great thing to wake up and enjoy a rich breakfast in the comfort of your bed ... great, right? But that's not all, because you can also toast with your partner for more moments like the ones you will live in our hotel enjoying a delicious sparkling wine, and then you can relax together in a ritual of couples massage.

Romantic dinner in the Caribbean

The romance in our hotel is lived in each place, and what better plan with your partner than to dine in it. You will enjoy a night full of romance and the best flavors of our food.

We will wait for you! Come and enjoy Valentine's Day in the Caribbean.