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Caribe by Faranda Grand Hotel in Restaurants Cartagena

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Caribe by Faranda Grand Hotel's Restaurants

Restaurants Hotel in Cartagena

Embark on an exquisite journey for the palate at the Hotel Caribe By Faranda Grand restaurants. We serve a range of typical Colombian dishes so that you can discover the true spirit of our country, as well as an array of delightful international dishes.

Pedro Heredia Restaurant

Perfect for all types of event and celebration. The Pedro de Heredia restaurant invites you to enjoy an exquisite menu filled with national and international cuisines in an exclusive setting. The perfect spot to host a wedding banquet. With a maximum capacity of 150 people.

India Catalina Restaurant

The ideal place to try a delightful range of culinary proposals right next to the pool. At the India Catalina restaurant we serve local and international cuisines in a friendly environment. We also organize gastronomic festivals.

Open air Gastronomy

A unique and innovative concept that we would love you to try during your stay. We organize barbeques in some restaurants around the city with special locations including the bay of Cartagena. At our India Catalina restaurant, we celebrate a range of gastronomic festivals featuring a wide range of flavors.